Sunlink Group


Shunde. Foshan

Sunlink Group started its business adventure in 1987 as Beilian Trading Co., Ltd. in aluminium molding and later involved in commercial property development in 1989. Sunlink Industrial Co., Ltd was set up in 1994 to take a lead in the joint development of the largest furniture city over the world. Sunlink restructured as a group in 1997 and gradually concentrated its investment in commercial property in the region of Mainland China and Hong Kong. In 2019, in order to reform and upgrade, Sunlink adjusted its strategies for business development from property investment to property management and has laid a solid foundation for the future development.

After 30 years of meticulous management, a series of commercial property branded as Sunlink has formed for long-term ownership and yields. Meanwhile, Sunlink has expanded its business into investment, financial technology and consumer goods sectors.

Three decades of efforts, being hand-in-hand with social development and deep-rooted in new era, Sunlink Group has been positively exploring the new form of economy. Gradually, our business portfolio has become a reasonable industry structure that combines property with financial investment, integrates light asset with heavy asset, and blends the new form of economy with the traditional one. Sunlink will continue to strive forward with steady steps based on its solid foundation in the industry.

Being fearless of the ups and downs during the 30-year development, with self-improvement and ceaseless progress, Sunlink has always upheld the corporate spirit of "For a Better Future",pursued the values of equal co-operation and active dedication, and embraced the idea of sharing and win-win. This determination has created a proactive and harmonious working environment for all staff. Meanwhile, Sunlink has devoted itself to charity with a heart of gratitude and reward, expanding its business structure and employment platform, creating fortune and value, contributing to the prosperity of the society.

Going forward, Sunlink Group will continue its Dual Core Business Strategy and progressively enhance business value with an open and innovative mindset. In addition, Sunlink Group will stick to its commitment of 'From the Society and For the Society'. Keeping steady management for sustainable growth, Sunlink will become an excellent enterprise that grows with the society.

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